Audiological Tests

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
Electronystagmography (ENG)
Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
Audiogram and Other Tests

Auditory Brainstem Response

Auditory Brainstem Response Testing… BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
Very nice site that is advanced, but gives a very thorough explanation of ABR testing. Very beneficial for students to visit. It also has demos and other areas that may be beneficial. You will have to look around to find some of the information.

Frequently Asked Questions About ABR
Good web site full of information for students as well as health care providers wanting to brush-up a little.

General Patient Information… .ABR
Good basic information about ABR’s. Good site for a patient or family member to read before having the test. Helps you to know what to expect and why the test is being done.

Interactive Clinical Reference Manual
Nice web site especially for students. It takes out all of the dry reading in the textbooks and cuts to the chase. Type audiology in the search.

What are Auditory Evoked Potentials
Nice site that has some in-depth information about ABR testing.Good site for students. Slightly advanced reading.

Auditory Brainstem Test… Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
A basic web site about what to expect during the ABR. The one thing that I really liked was that it was geared toward children. How to get your child prepared for having an ABR.

Optimized Automated Method for Detecting ABR Waves
Fairly good article to read. I like that it cuts to the chase and is written in easy to understand terms. For a research article it is easy to read.


Nice site that gives basic information about why the test is performed, how it is performed, and what to expect.

Vestibular Testing
Really good site about the different tests and chairs that could be used during testing. It talks about posturography and rotary chair. Really good for getting the basic idea between the differences in testing.

ENG Resources
A great site that has links to several ENG sites that look very good. A lot of valuable information.

Vestibular Assessment
This a site where ENG equipment is sold. Gives you a good idea about the different products.

Postural Responses to Different Visual Stimuli
Nice article if you are wanting more in-depth information.

eMedicine.. ENG
Large article on how the procedure is done and why it is done. Stays pretty brief and is pretty straight forward in the terms that are used.

Otoacoustic Emissions

OAE Information Service
Nice site that has advanced and basic information. It seems to be a site that could really help someone wanting to set up an OAE program in their practice.

Utah State University.. National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management
Huge amount of information on infant hearing screenings and OAE’s. Make sure you have plenty of time to surf this site. Could be a valuable tool to someone interested in this area.

eMedicine… Otoacoustic Emissions
Good informative web site on information about OAE’s.

GSI.. Brief Explanation of OAE’s
Nice quick description of what they are and how the test is done.

OAE Portal
Great looking web site with a lot of valuable information. The first one I have seen that is dedicated only to OAE’s. Take a look!!

Explains in depth about OAE’s.

Audiogram and Other Tests

Audiology Tests… Baylor College of Medicine
Excellent site that gives information on a variety of audiological tests. It is a very informative site.

Hearing Tests.. How to read your Audiogram
Basic explanation about how to read an Audiogram.. Great site with really good illustrations.
Easy to understand web site about reading and interpreting an Audiogram.

Audiogram Testing and Interpretation
Nice site that looks at a variety of different topics associated with hearing tests and interpretation.

Understanding your Audiogram
Easy to understand site for patients.

Tympanogram Testing
Good site for basic understanding of the test and how it will be performed.

Basic Multifrequency Tympanometry: A Physical Background
Advanced article on theory and measurement of Tympanometry.

Tympanometry Effect at the TM
Gives you a look at how the tympanic Membrane responds to pressure during the Tympanogram.

Grason-Stadler: Tympanometryin Seconds
Good site to help you easily understand testing and results.

Acoustic Reflexes
Quick article about the stapedius reflex