American Academy of Neurology
The American Academy of Neurology web page provides information to professionals and to the public. They have an excellent patient information guide that can be very helpful.

Otoneurology Home Page
This is a small site with some information about the topic of Otoneurology. Has some patient support and information.

University of Wisconsin
This web site has great pictures of the ear. Click on Earworks and it will take you there.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Nice web site about neurology and the senses.  Helps to explain how the hair cells work. Easy to understand, which is hard to find in this area.

The Basement
The Basement web page has a collection of pages labeled general info, neurophysics, auditory page, brain collection, computing page, reference shelf, and net worthy sites. This is a very good site.

Neurosurgery… MedNets
MedNets has a very good site that has suggested links, journals and online resources, clinical information, diseases, research, and clinical information. Once you choose your topic go over to the left side of the screen and click on the topic. Took me a few minutes to figure that out.

Washington University Neuromuscular Disease Center
Very nice site with a lot of information.

Washington University… Center for Study of Nervous System Injuries
Overview of a variety of diseases of the spinal cord and brain. Not much on Otoneurology that I could find, but still helpful..

Washington University Neuroscience Tutorial
Really great web site to help you understand how it all works. This is a wonderful site to help you when you can’t seem to understand your textbook or professor on this subject.

Hyman-Newman Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Very nice web site with a lot of valuable information. Just find you topic in the menus on the right.

Dizziness caused by neurological problems
You will find this topic about half way down the page, along with a large amount of information on other ear problems.

Neuroguide to the Internet
Excellent search engine that shows you how to use this resource to find information about neuroscience.

Medical Imaging & Video Otoscopy

Video Otoscopy… Dr. Roy Sullivan
EXCELLENT SITE!!!! You must visit this site!!!!

Medical Students ENT Atlas
Great website to see many pictures associated with Audiology.

Video Otoscope information
Nice Website with lots of information and pictures about video otoscopy.

Gainesville VAMC MRI Teaching File
This is a web site to visit to geta more in depth perspective about MRI’s. It shows a large number of images in a variety of areas in the body. Very interesting to visit !!!

Medical Images from Germany
Excellent site with a large variety of links from several countries. Deals with anatomy of the petrous bone, laser surgery for the stapes, and much much more.

Radiologic Anatomy Browser
Very nice web site to look at radiology in general. Has a huge library of different anatomy images.

Basics of MRI
Don’t let the title fool you. It is a very in depth web site about MRI’s. It is very interesting. They look at everything from different techniques to the different types of machines that are used.

Mastoiditis…Central Middlesex Hospital
Shows image and gives explanation of the image. Also has image of a Cholesteatoma.

A Closer Look at the Ear Structure… Central Middlesex Hospital
Excellent site that uses images to look at the way the ear collects and efficiently transmits sound energy throughout the ear.

Neuroradiology Teaching Files
These files include a large number of Neuro Cases. It includes CT, MRI, Angiography, and plain films.

Vestibular Schwannoma

Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center … Radiology
Excellent site for patients and students to answer questions about radiology. Has a glossary and several other areas that could be beneficial.

Otolaryngology Houston
Excellent site showing detailed images.

Medical and Main Pages

American Academy of Audiology
This is an excellent web page that has consumer and professional resources. It also has current trends and topics. It has AAA’s position statements on a variety of topics.

American Speech – Language – Hearing Association
This is an excellent server that can provide information for patients and Audiologists about certification, legislation, continuing education, and hearing information. The site also has a search site that can browse the site for specific information.

BoysTown Research Hospital
EXCELLENT SITE! This site has great information and referral links.

ENT news is an excellent site that could be very beneficial to students, professionals, and patients. It lists in each issue reviews of current literature, discussion forums, events, resources, and searches.

HearingHealth Magazine
This is a nice home page that has related links to several sites

BetterHearing Institute…Hearing Help Online
The Better Hearing Institute has created a web page that has won several awards. This site lists links on hearing loss, hearing aids, and hearing health care providers.

HouseEar Institute
The House Ear Institute is a non-profit, research and education center dedicated to developing knowledge about hearing and hearing related disorders. This link will help people learn about research efforts and educational programs.

American Medical Association: Scientific Publications
This web site could be helpful in looking up several audiological topics and treatments.

Archivesof Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
The site is a place where current and past issues can be found. The articles are in abstract form and full text.

University of Minnesota… Department of Otolayrngology
Nice site that lists research programs, conferences, and seminars in hearing. It also has an area called the library of health related informational topics.

Hearing Loss Association of America
Excellent site for insurance information and many different topics.
A nice site that looks at a variety of tests in audiology.

This is a basic medical site that looks at diseases, treatments, drugs, and a variety of other topics. It could be beneficial in looking up a variety of things all in one place.

Martindale’s Health Science Guide
Martindale’s Health Science Guide is a multimedia specialized information resource that currently holds thousands of teaching files, medical cases, multimedia courses, tutorials, databases, and movies. Excellent site!

Great website for Audiologists. It even has classifieds.
Good Website to help patients find an Audiologist and gives good information.

Internet Public Library
Could possibly be some help when looking up different topics or titles for books.

Ear Surgery Information Center
The Ear Surgery Information Center offers and maintains this web site to provide information of a general nature about the conditions requiring the services of an ear surgeon.

Hearing Science & Cochlear Mechanics

Clinical Psycoacoustics Lab
Has links to abstracts for auditory analysis.

Basic Signal Analysis
Advanced site that looks at different formulas for signal analysis. It says basic in the title, but it seems to be pretty advanced and filled full of formulas.

Acoustical Society of America
Nice site that has links to other acoustic related sites, general information about acoustics, and an area where you can listen to sounds.

Speech Reception … Virtual Tour of the Ear
Excellent site! This web site links to a large number of areas in speech perception. Some of the topics are word frequency, speech production, McGurk effect, and auditory perception.

Hearing Loss
This article is about the transduction of sound with an outline of a variety of differential diagnosis for hearing loss.

Technical Essays … UCSC Electronic Music Studios

Sound Propagation
Very nice article about the movement of sound. It has diagrams that help in the understanding of sound propagation and wavelength movement.

Hearing and Perception
Excellent article that has great pictures that help in explaining the anatomy of the ear and the perception of sound. It also has an area that you can click on to get a narrative description of the ear if the computer has a sound card.

Taking the Waveform Apart
Nice article that has information about sine and cosine function, Fourier analysis, and, sonograms and spectral analysis of sound.

An intermediate article about the decibel and the different ways to calculate it. It looks at converting voltage or pressure ratios to decibels.

Wave and Vibration Tutorial
Good web site to get lots of valuable information. It is actually from a Physics III class. It would be good to take a look if you are currently in a physics of sound class or anything similar.

Cochlear Mechanics

Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory
Excellent site!! This web site is a must see. It has a large volume of information about the anatomy of the ear and cochlear fluids. It has excellent pictures and graphics.

Cochlear Mechanics … Boystown
Great website with tons of information on coclear mechanics. It’s like a textbook.

Cochlear Micromechanics … Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advanced site in cochlear mechanics. Has a few publications that are online, but the video tour has the most information online about cochlear mechanics

Cochlear Mechanic References from the Cochlear Fluids Lab
This is a publication list of articles and abstracts that were written by the Cochlear Fluids Research Lab. There is a total of nine pages.

Cochlear Mechanics Introduction
Good basic web site for seeing all the different formulas and pictures that could be helpful in understanding cochlear mechanics.

General Hearing Loss And Dizziness Information

Ear, Nose, and Throat Center of Salt Lake City
This is an excellent with graphics to help you understand all the different areas of the ear.

Virtual Tour of the Ear…. Augustana College
The best website that I have seen. Covers numerous audiology topics in a very organized format. Don’t miss this site!!!!

ENT Frequently Asked Questions
This site deals with basic questions that people often ask ENT doctors. It is easy to understand and would be beneficial for a patient or student to visit this site.

Center for Disease Control
Has a huge amount of information on a variety of topics and studies. You will have to search the site. Type in hearing loss or hearing aids and you will come up with some good articles.

Hear ITOrg. FAQ about people with Hearing Loss
A good site that is dedicated basically to informing patients and family members about hearing loss. It broaches subjects of prevalence such hearing loss, signs of a hearing loss, and solutions to hearing loss.

Five Minute Hearing Test… Midwest Ear Institute
Nice site that allows people who believe they may have a hearing loss to take a quick test to see if they are in need of a hearing evaluation.

Hearing and Older People… NIA
Good web site that has general information on recognizing a hearing loss, information on hearing aids, and the different types of hearing losses.

Midwest Ear Institute Home Page
Midwest Ear Institute web page addresses hearing loss that occurs in children and adults. A large portion deals with patient education and Meniere’s disease.

Mankato University… Hearing and Hearing Disorders
A very thorough site that has numerous topics that are situated in an outline format. Several of the servers were not found, but overall a very good site.

Florida Ear & Sinus Center
Excellent site that has basic description of surgeries with great graphics.

University Regensburg… Audiology
This is a good site that links to numerous servers under different topics. This specific area of the web page is in English.

Doxy’s Doctor’s Assistance Systems
LOOK UNDER DISEASES OF THE EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT. This is a very good site, but a large portion is dedicated to eye and nose problem. You need to scroll down a ways before you find the different Audiology topics.

Medline Plus Health Information
The site is good for both physicians and patients. It is in an easy to understand format.

Entrance to the Everyday World of Hearing and Balance
A nice site that gives information on a variety of audiological areas for consumers, professionals, and students.

Cochlear Implants

Clarion Cochlear Implants
The web site for Clarion has an excellent site that has a large number of areas to visit. It has cochlear implant history, press releases, components of the Clarion Multi-Strategy Cochlear Implant System, candidacy, patient info, and an interactive area.

Cochlear Corporation
Excellent site!! This web site is from the makers of the Nucleus 24Cochlear Implant system. It has information about the product, a kid zone, patient and parent information, and a search site.

MED-EL… MedicalElectronics
Nice site that has an American and international web site area. The American area is currently being updated, but the international portion is in English also. Very basic information in the patient info area. Has a library, product information, and recent news.

Dallas Otolaryngology … Cochlear Implant Program
Very nice web site that has frequently asked questions, cochlear implant devices, and links to other web sites.

Cochlear Implants: Restoring Hearing to the Deaf
This is an article out of The Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Letter. It is a personal perspective on cochlear implants. It has some basic information about cochlear implants, and how a patient may feel about the experience.

Cochlear Implants… AllHear
A large volume of information that deals more with how a patient is effected by a cochlear implant. The patient’s perspective is heavily covered. It has specific articles for patient and parents to read.

Hearing… A New Choice for Deaf Children and Adults
Nice site that is not technical in nature, but has some good solid information. It is an article that is designed in a question and answer format.  Very basic.

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
Good web site that is a basic overview of a cochlear implant. Good resource for other areas.

British Cochlear Implant Group
This site allows patients and other hearing healthcare providers the opportunity to exchange questions and comments with cochlear implant professionals.

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children
Very nice web site for patients and doctors. It has some really good links for cochlear implants. It also has some really cool stuff on other topics. Check out the virtual body.
Very informative article cochlear implants.

Cochlear Implant Association
Not a really fancy web site, but is dedicated to cochlear implant patients.Has a HUGE number of links!!

FDA Information about Cochlear Implants
Good website!!

Advanced Web Sites

Sound from Silence: The development of Cochlear

This is the history of the cochlear implant. Great for a paper.

History of the Cochlear Implant
Nice article

SelfHelp for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.
SHHH is an organization dedicated to improving the lifestyles of people who are hard of hearing. It has a variety of links to clubs, international organizations, state commissions on deafness and a large number of other links that may be helpful in other areas.

Centerfor Auditory Prosthesis Research
Excellent site that sends quarterly reports to the National Institute of Health about projects that are being completed. There are several reports that can be viewed online, others are available in print. Very interesting site to visit!
Nice web site that has a lot of information for people. I believe it is the web site for the University of Melbourne in Australia


Cholesteatoma…. Ear Surgery Information Center
Good Site with excellent information!!

Cholesteatoma…. Eighth International Conference
Contains schedule for the international conference to be held in Turkey.

FAQ’s about Cholesteatoma’s: The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
Basic web site that has very nice answers about several common questions that are usually associated with cholesteatoma’s.

Pediatric Cholesteatoma…. Baylor College of Medicine
Interesting information about cholesteatomas that occur in childhood. Not much information in general is written on the subject. Makes for good reading.

Concise and easy to understand article that has a lot of useful information for patients, students, and the general public. Try to ignore the pop-ups.

CT Appearances of External Ear Canal Cholesteatoma
This is an advanced web site that looks at a rare type of cholesteatomas. It is a very interesting web site. It has images of the CT scans, but a computer with high resolution is recommended to view them.

Cholesteatoma…A Serious Ear Condition
General information about cholesteatomas, how they occur, how to treat the condition and what are the symptoms.

Cornell Medical Center
General explanation of a Cholesteatoma, what I like is the picture they provide.
Great web site!! Has a really nice explanation of what it is and how it is treated. Also what happens if left untreated.

American Academy of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery
Very nice patient oriented site. You can also look up information on other ENT topics.

eMedicine: Cholesteatoma
Very thorough article on this topic.
Basic look at Cholesteatoma’s and treatment. Nice easy reading

Advanced Web Sites

Cholesteatoma…. Pathogenesis and Surgical Management
Article and slides help to make this more advanced information easier to comprehend and understand.

Cholesteatoma images
Great look at a Cholesteatoma with video otoscopy.

Houston Otolaryngology
Great pictures of surgery. If you have a weak stomach, this site is not for you.

Cerumen Impaction (Earwax)

Earwax and What to Do About It

Nice page that gives basic information to a patient about ear wax.

Cerumen Definition
An excellent children‚ health guide and provides some direction for concerned parents.

Ear Wax Blockage
Very interesting page that tells you all kinds of information about earwax. It mentions the definition, signs and symptoms, causes, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.

Ear Candling: Introduction
Kind of an interesting site that looks at ear candling. I don’t recommend that you try this, but it makes for interesting conversation.

Very basic information

External Ear Obstructions.. The Merck Manual
Mentions only cerumen Impaction. This site is intended for physicians and audiologists only.

Earwax and Hearing Aid Users
Good article about how hearing aid users tend to accumulate more wax in their ears compared to other people.

Case Study.. Video Otoscopy
Not much information. Has a lot of pictures.

Health A to Z: Cerumen Impaction
Good site with all kinds of basic information. Excellent for a patient.

Wax Blockage: University of Maryland Medical Center
Mainly for patient information.

Cerumen Clinical Resources
University of Alabama has a list of resources that could be beneficial. You will have to do some digging to find the information you are looking for.

Basic Meniere’s Disease And Dizziness Information

The Meniere’s Page… The Ear and Skull Base Center
This is the an excellent site that offers an abundance of information about Meniere’s disease in a variety of way. Has a link to inner ear fluid and links to over 100 related sites

Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. .. Meniere’s Disease
Nice web site that gives good solid information about Meniere’s disease.

Associates in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery: Meniere’s Disease
Good web site that has small explanations about symptoms, evaluation, and coping skills for someone suffering with Meniere’s.

When Life is A Balancing Act… Discussion on Dizziness
A down to earth explanation of how the balance mechanism work. It also has a nice picture of the vestibular system.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
This is a large web page that can link to other audiological topics.

Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center
This site gives basic information on symptoms, evaluations, medical management, prognosis, and medical treatment.

Healthtouch Online… Vertigo, Meniere’s Disease,& Other Dizziness Problems
Healthtouch Online gives brief paraphrases for a variety of vestibular disorders. This site is very good, because it links up to a very large web page that gives additional information on a large number of topics.

AAFP Patient Information Handout…How to Cope with Meniere’s Disease
Site that is written in a very easy to understand format for patient information.

MedicineNet..Meniere’s Disease
Basic informative site

Meniere’s Disease Organization Home Page
Very nice web site that has a search engine dedicated to Meniere’s disease. It also has a web forum, group lists, and a chat room.

AudioHealth Library…Meniere’s Disease
This is an excellent site due to the audio portion that people who may have trouble seeing can benefit greatly from. Your computer must have a sound card to have this extra service.

The Vestibular Disorder Association (VEDA)
This is an excellent site that is informative on vestibular disorders, associations, and sources.

Virtual Hospital…Meniere’s Disease
Basic site, but is linked to a much larger web site that has a nice search engine on a variety of audiology topics.

Web Sites Relevant to Meniere’s Disease
This is a huge web site that links up to a large amount of servers. Most are of high quality. Very beneficial!!!!!

Meniere’s Disease…The Merck Manual
The web site is very nice and is very informative on a variety of topics on Meniere’s. Excellent reference source.

Washington University School of Medicine… The Meniere’s Page
Nice site with patient support information.

Meniere’…information and resources
Great web site for patient information. They are not doctors, but offer some advise on the subject.

Meniere’s Disease and Allergies
Interesting web site that links allergies with Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s Info Site
Large amount of information on all different topics.


What is an Audiologist?
There are a number of questions that consumers and patients ask about an Audiologist.

U.S. Department of Labor
This is a nice site that looks at a variety of areas that deal with Audiologists. The government looks at job outlook, work force, working conditions, and qualifications. It is very interesting.

.Scope of Practice in Audiology … ASHA
Advanced explanation of what an audiologist does. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is, at this time, the primary certification organization for Audiologist.

Finding a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist
This web page gives places to contact to help in the pursuit of a licensed Audiologist.

What is an Audiologist … American Audiology Association
Answers general questions about an Audiologist. Has large bold print that is easy to read on the screen. Very easy to understand!!

SDSU School of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Very nice website that shows a lot about the future of the profession of Audiology.

Career Planning
Nice website that looks at the daily activities of an Audiologist.

Hearing Health on Educational Audiologist
Very nice website that looks at another type of Audiologist.

ASHA: Nature of the Work
Good article about the different areas that Audiologists work in.