Hearing Science & Cochlear Mechanics

Clinical Psycoacoustics Lab
Has links to abstracts for auditory analysis.

Basic Signal Analysis
Advanced site that looks at different formulas for signal analysis. It says basic in the title, but it seems to be pretty advanced and filled full of formulas.

Acoustical Society of America
Nice site that has links to other acoustic related sites, general information about acoustics, and an area where you can listen to sounds.

Speech Reception … Virtual Tour of the Ear
Excellent site! This web site links to a large number of areas in speech perception. Some of the topics are word frequency, speech production, McGurk effect, and auditory perception.

Hearing Loss
This article is about the transduction of sound with an outline of a variety of differential diagnosis for hearing loss.

Technical Essays … UCSC Electronic Music Studios

Sound Propagation
Very nice article about the movement of sound. It has diagrams that help in the understanding of sound propagation and wavelength movement.

Hearing and Perception
Excellent article that has great pictures that help in explaining the anatomy of the ear and the perception of sound. It also has an area that you can click on to get a narrative description of the ear if the computer has a sound card.

Taking the Waveform Apart
Nice article that has information about sine and cosine function, Fourier analysis, and, sonograms and spectral analysis of sound.

An intermediate article about the decibel and the different ways to calculate it. It looks at converting voltage or pressure ratios to decibels.

Wave and Vibration Tutorial
Good web site to get lots of valuable information. It is actually from a Physics III class. It would be good to take a look if you are currently in a physics of sound class or anything similar.

Cochlear Mechanics

Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory
Excellent site!! This web site is a must see. It has a large volume of information about the anatomy of the ear and cochlear fluids. It has excellent pictures and graphics.

Cochlear Mechanics … Boystown
Great website with tons of information on coclear mechanics. It’s like a textbook.

Cochlear Micromechanics … Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advanced site in cochlear mechanics. Has a few publications that are online, but the video tour has the most information online about cochlear mechanics

Cochlear Mechanic References from the Cochlear Fluids Lab
This is a publication list of articles and abstracts that were written by the Cochlear Fluids Research Lab. There is a total of nine pages.

Cochlear Mechanics Introduction
Good basic web site for seeing all the different formulas and pictures that could be helpful in understanding cochlear mechanics.

General Hearing Loss And Dizziness Information

Ear, Nose, and Throat Center of Salt Lake City
This is an excellent with graphics to help you understand all the different areas of the ear.

Virtual Tour of the Ear…. Augustana College
The best website that I have seen. Covers numerous audiology topics in a very organized format. Don’t miss this site!!!!

ENT Frequently Asked Questions
This site deals with basic questions that people often ask ENT doctors. It is easy to understand and would be beneficial for a patient or student to visit this site.

Center for Disease Control
Has a huge amount of information on a variety of topics and studies. You will have to search the site. Type in hearing loss or hearing aids and you will come up with some good articles.

Hear ITOrg. FAQ about people with Hearing Loss
A good site that is dedicated basically to informing patients and family members about hearing loss. It broaches subjects of prevalence such hearing loss, signs of a hearing loss, and solutions to hearing loss.

Five Minute Hearing Test… Midwest Ear Institute
Nice site that allows people who believe they may have a hearing loss to take a quick test to see if they are in need of a hearing evaluation.

Hearing and Older People… NIA
Good web site that has general information on recognizing a hearing loss, information on hearing aids, and the different types of hearing losses.

Midwest Ear Institute Home Page
Midwest Ear Institute web page addresses hearing loss that occurs in children and adults. A large portion deals with patient education and Meniere’s disease.

Mankato University… Hearing and Hearing Disorders
A very thorough site that has numerous topics that are situated in an outline format. Several of the servers were not found, but overall a very good site.

Florida Ear & Sinus Center
Excellent site that has basic description of surgeries with great graphics.

University Regensburg… Audiology
This is a good site that links to numerous servers under different topics. This specific area of the web page is in English.

Doxy’s Doctor’s Assistance Systems
LOOK UNDER DISEASES OF THE EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT. This is a very good site, but a large portion is dedicated to eye and nose problem. You need to scroll down a ways before you find the different Audiology topics.

Medline Plus Health Information
The site is good for both physicians and patients. It is in an easy to understand format.

Entrance to the Everyday World of Hearing and Balance
A nice site that gives information on a variety of audiological areas for consumers, professionals, and students.

Cochlear Implants

Clarion Cochlear Implants
The web site for Clarion has an excellent site that has a large number of areas to visit. It has cochlear implant history, press releases, components of the Clarion Multi-Strategy Cochlear Implant System, candidacy, patient info, and an interactive area.

Cochlear Corporation
Excellent site!! This web site is from the makers of the Nucleus 24Cochlear Implant system. It has information about the product, a kid zone, patient and parent information, and a search site.

MED-EL… MedicalElectronics
Nice site that has an American and international web site area. The American area is currently being updated, but the international portion is in English also. Very basic information in the patient info area. Has a library, product information, and recent news.

Dallas Otolaryngology … Cochlear Implant Program
Very nice web site that has frequently asked questions, cochlear implant devices, and links to other web sites.

Cochlear Implants: Restoring Hearing to the Deaf
This is an article out of The Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Letter. It is a personal perspective on cochlear implants. It has some basic information about cochlear implants, and how a patient may feel about the experience.

Cochlear Implants… AllHear
A large volume of information that deals more with how a patient is effected by a cochlear implant. The patient’s perspective is heavily covered. It has specific articles for patient and parents to read.

Hearing… A New Choice for Deaf Children and Adults
Nice site that is not technical in nature, but has some good solid information. It is an article that is designed in a question and answer format.  Very basic.

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
Good web site that is a basic overview of a cochlear implant. Good resource for other areas.

British Cochlear Implant Group
This site allows patients and other hearing healthcare providers the opportunity to exchange questions and comments with cochlear implant professionals.

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children
Very nice web site for patients and doctors. It has some really good links for cochlear implants. It also has some really cool stuff on other topics. Check out the virtual body.

Very informative article cochlear implants.

Cochlear Implant Association
Not a really fancy web site, but is dedicated to cochlear implant patients.Has a HUGE number of links!!

FDA Information about Cochlear Implants
Good website!!

Advanced Web Sites

Sound from Silence: The development of Cochlear

This is the history of the cochlear implant. Great for a paper.

History of the Cochlear Implant
Nice article

SelfHelp for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.
SHHH is an organization dedicated to improving the lifestyles of people who are hard of hearing. It has a variety of links to clubs, international organizations, state commissions on deafness and a large number of other links that may be helpful in other areas.

Centerfor Auditory Prosthesis Research
Excellent site that sends quarterly reports to the National Institute of Health about projects that are being completed. There are several reports that can be viewed online, others are available in print. Very interesting site to visit!

Nice web site that has a lot of information for people. I believe it is the web site for the University of Melbourne in Australia

Anatomy of the Ear

Partners in Assistive Technology Training and Services
Nice website that has lots of information that is easy to understand.

Anatomy and Neurophysics of the Ear…. The Basement
Excellent site that has anatomy quizzes and animated pictures. If you are getting ready for a test this is the web site for you.

Anatomy Tour
Excellent web site with wonderful pictures and graphics.

Virtual Tour of the Ear
Excellent site that is very specific. This is an advanced site.

London South Bank University…. Radiology Museum
A series of images looks at the relation between structure and function of the ear.

Cochlear Anatomy.. Cochlear Fluids Lab Washington University
Brief web page on cochlear anatomy. Nice cross section images.

Cranial Nerve Involvement.. Neurimuscular Disease Center
Nice site that shows drawn pictures of the cranial nerves. It also explains some topics like Bell’s Palsy.

Anatomy of the Ear and Animations
Click on animations and see how the ear works.

Auditory and Vestibular Pathways
Great site with a good combination of pictures and information.

Temporal Bone Anatomy web site
Advanced web site that seem like it could have some really good information.

Histology and Embryology Gross and Microscopic Anatomy of the Ear
Good web site with lots of information that is very well organized.

Hearing Aids

Virtual Tour of Ear … Audiological Rehabilitation
EXCELLENT SITE!! This site has a huge number of web site links in a variety of areas that deal with rehab. Hearing aids are a large portion of it.

Sound Advise on Hearing Aids
Nice little article about general hearing aid purchase, where you can complain, and the different types of hearing losses.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Nice site that gives basic information in easy to understand terms for a patient who is wondering about hearing aids. This is a really good site.

SHHH (Self Help for Hard of Hearing People)
SHHH has been around for a while. Nice web site that is very tastefully done. Great for

Very Nice web site.  Lists all kinds of resources for patients and family members. Check this one out!!

Girls and Hearing Aids
An excellent web site dedicated to young women and girls who want to create a more positive image.

History of the Hearing Aid
Very quick timeline of the history. Could be useful in a paper.

Choose Your Hearing Aid
Good site that was created by an audiologist to help hearing aid patients find out what is most important to them.

Seems like a nice web site for patients to find out information on the topic of hearing aids. It doesn’t seem to be sales driven, but it is affiliated with selling hearing aids.

The Listen Up Web
Very interesting web site that has some serious explanations for how a hearing works and what the specs all mean. Really cool.

Hearing Aid Forums
Really great website that allows people to write questions and experiences with hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Information
Very nice website that gives really good information about hearing aids and how they work. It also explains many different areas about how a hearing aid works and the different components.

Hearing Aid Counseling
Thoughtful articles on coping with hearing loss and using hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Phonak hearing Systems
Good web site for information on their products.

Oticon Web Site
The web site has areas called sound and hearing, hearing aid history, Oticon – The Company, and products.

GNResound Web Site
Very nice web site that has information about their product, investment opportunities, consumer information, and career information.

Starkey, Omni, Nu-Ear, and Qualitone Hearing Aid Manufacturers
The Starkey web site has links to several different hearing aid manufacturers and consumer sites.

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.
Basic web site for a hearing aid manufacturing company. It has consumer information and other areas. Has a fun site that quizzes people called mystery ear.

Unitron Hearing
Has a really cute place for kids to play games. Nice web site.

Hearing Aids Prices & Cost

Conventional analog hearing aids are cheaper but has less features, whereas the more modern digital hearing aids are more sophisticated but more expensive.  The trade off is really your value of crystal clear hearing versus “just enough hearing” of a normal listener.

Hearing Aid Shoppers Pay High Prices, Get Mediocre Fittings
Survey indicating that consumers do not receive sufficient information on what hearing aid features are important.

Paying for your hearing aid
Nice report on tips on various ways to pay for hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Types and Price Comparisons
In the ear (ITE) – $1200 to $2500, are the most visible but have the most features like controls for volume.
Behind the ear (BTE) – $1200 to $2500, the ones with the ear mold are most dependable and are good for children.
In the canal (ITC) and Intra canal (CTC) – $1200 to $2500, are hardly visible, but the battery life is short, and have limited features.

Hearing Aid Reviews and Types
Nice article with a helpful list of questions when buying a hearing aid.

Advanced Web Sites

Hearing Aid Insurance Mandates for States
Nice site that could give you a little information about insurance and hearing aid purchases. Be careful!!! Insurance companies are very tricky. It is up to the patient to make sure they know their plans.

Hearing Aid Research Lab Software & Forms
Free shareware type ftp’s that can be downloaded without a password or user name. Fun to play with!!

Hearing Office Software
The first free software program designed to manage hearing aid and audiology offices. This software is IBM and Macintosh compatible. Does have other system requirements.

Academy of Dispensing Audiologists
The web site has membership, patient, and professional information.

A Microphone Array for Hearing Aids
This is an article from a Professor at Stanford. I liked it because you could understand it.