Cholesteatoma…. Ear Surgery Information Center
Good Site with excellent information!!

Cholesteatoma…. Eighth International Conference
Contains schedule for the international conference to be held in Turkey.

FAQ’s about Cholesteatoma’s: The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
Basic web site that has very nice answers about several common questions that are usually associated with cholesteatoma’s.

Pediatric Cholesteatoma…. Baylor College of Medicine
Interesting information about cholesteatomas that occur in childhood. Not much information in general is written on the subject. Makes for good reading.

Concise and easy to understand article that has a lot of useful information for patients, students, and the general public. Try to ignore the pop-ups.

CT Appearances of External Ear Canal Cholesteatoma
This is an advanced web site that looks at a rare type of cholesteatomas. It is a very interesting web site. It has images of the CT scans, but a computer with high resolution is recommended to view them.

Cholesteatoma…A Serious Ear Condition
General information about cholesteatomas, how they occur, how to treat the condition and what are the symptoms.

Cornell Medical Center
General explanation of a Cholesteatoma, what I like is the picture they provide.
Great web site!! Has a really nice explanation of what it is and how it is treated. Also what happens if left untreated.

American Academy of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery
Very nice patient oriented site. You can also look up information on other ENT topics.

eMedicine: Cholesteatoma
Very thorough article on this topic.
Basic look at Cholesteatoma’s and treatment. Nice easy reading

Advanced Web Sites

Cholesteatoma…. Pathogenesis and Surgical Management
Article and slides help to make this more advanced information easier to comprehend and understand.

Cholesteatoma images
Great look at a Cholesteatoma with video otoscopy.

Houston Otolaryngology
Great pictures of surgery. If you have a weak stomach, this site is not for you.